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    Is there a way to delete those annoying AIM bots? They show up in my contact list, and the only way to get them out of there (so far, that I can find) is to remove the AIM account.
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    Go get on your AIM client and delete them off.
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    That's the thing - they ONLY show up on my phone AIM client. They aren't in my buddy list.
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    Would you happen to be using iChat? I find iChat to be weird sometimes, and not show all buddies (including those pesky AIM bots). You can use AIM Express (Web IM - AIM Express) in any desktop browser (sorry, doesn't work with the Pre's browser - I tried!) to remove them.
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    ya...thats what i did...didnt work on ichat, went to aim express, deleted them, deleted the account in messaging on the pre, then reentered account info, and the ones like smarterchild from when i was like 15 are gone..

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