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    In /etc/palm/browser-app.conf there's this bit:
    # disable gif animations till display list is optimized
    So people think that changing this option will do nothing.. But, has anyone tried it yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud101 View Post
    So people think that changing this option will do nothing.. But, has anyone tried it yet?
    Just tried it, went to a gif on my PC and on my phone, only animated on pc. It's really annoying, this is a very basic thing I would think!
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    anybody know of anybody making this possible or even making a dedicated gif viewer?
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    It would appear 1.3.5 fixed this.
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    According to the attached link I read on PDA247, the ability to see and use an animated GIF is addressed by the 1.3.5 update. I havent tried it yet, but will try porting it over when I get home. I dont have anyone that can send me an email or SMS to try it that way. Here's the link

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Software update information for Palm Pre Sprint p100eww
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    I have a old mms message with a gif picture and it doesn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillysdon04 View Post
    I have a old mms message with a gif picture and it doesn't work.
    Is it the one of the squirrel? Thats a good one, laugh every time...

    Last edited by cashen; 12/29/2009 at 07:57 PM. Reason: added funny gif...
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    The dancing squirrel was animated for me when I viewed this thread from my Pre. Kinda cool.
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    so can we use gif in a app and if so how? Would one have to use it with a img tag?
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    So the animated gifs are now supported in your browser ONLY!!
    What an extreme disappointment that is.

    I have tried it with numerous animated gifs via text, and it is a no go.

    So my question is this..........If this is now supported in the browser, is there a way to make the messaging app support it as well?
    Hopefully there is a way.....
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    all the blackberries from sprint do it the gif images move around in a txt and the music plays
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    radar now works on, otherwise known as wunderground for all you non oldschoolers. Great little weather site been using since my treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobdude View Post
    radar now works on, otherwise known as wunderground for all you non oldschoolers. Great little weather site been using since my treo 650.
    You may want to try as an alternative. It's formatted specifically for the fruit phone, but looks pretty good on the Pre's screen.

    Unfortunately, Palm's fix to allow animated GIF images to display from web pages now highlights a problem that I've been stumped by since last summer. The Weather Underground's animated GIF radar images will display for a split second and then turn to a white box if every single frame in the animated image is identical (ie: there's no precipitation anywhere on the map). When I was checking after upgrading to 1.3.5 yesterday, only the regional (widest zoom) mode would display, because of some far away snow at the edge of the map. Today, it's snowing outside here, and even the local zoom is working.

    I'm thinking that this was a mis-coded power saving feature in the way that "static" anaimated GIF images are handled, and hopefully this will be fixed now that animated GIF images are available to everyone via the web and the problem becomes more visible.....
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    as far as im concerned this palm pre is a bunch of bull...everything that's been updated should've been included before this stupid phone was ever released...we had to wait 9 months for video recorder, 6 months to even forward a freakin text message..still no voice memo, can't view .gifs, no flash viewer, copy and paste is still suspect...this phone has less features than my palm treo..the only advantage this phone has is the touch screen, it's faster, plus the screen zoom
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    yea, today my friend was all excited for me to see this damn gif he sent me via text ... and of course. .. it was a still image... it saddens me to see people with the crapiest phones on the market able to view a dumb little gif on their phone and this super elite palm pre cant. This would make a pretty good episode of the "Twilight Zone" ..
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    Has anyone really ever tried to look further into this.
    I am getting extremely annoyed now that with all the updates, patches, etc that this phone still cannot display a simple animated gif via a text message.

    When I open the pic up in the photo viewer I can sometimes see the 1st 2 frames, but thats all.

    PLEASE, Can someone look further into this and find a way to bring this ability to our pre's.
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    I see animated gifs in messaging every time I use: SMS MMS Email Emoticons

    At least 1/2 the functionality is there...
    Last edited by Mannyman; 04/09/2010 at 11:56 PM. Reason: Haven't received an animated gif yet....
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    I have this problem also with sending mms, especially sending then from the "sms mms email emotion app", but the new update of the app seemed pretty good and able to see gifs in my messaging app now
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    yea why is it that we can see and send animated gif with text messaging from SMS MMS EMAIL EMOTICONS app from the app store but we can't from the regular text messaging app. they are anim gif.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronB1979 View Post
    Is there any way animated gifs could be viewable via a hack/tweak.
    Or am I the only one that is really bothered ny the absense of this feature?
    I can't stand the fact that I can't view gifs in messaging please fix someone this phones to cool to be missing this.... Thx
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