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    My first pre would perform the automatic backup only at 8:31am. If I was on the phone or if it was in airplane mode it simply wouldn't backup that day.

    My second one (first one's headset jack died just like the centro ones do) only does the backup at 6:36am. This is not good because it's almost always in airplane mode at that time of day so it never performs the backup.

    Any way to change the time it does the automatic backup?
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    If you force a backup will it take that time for the next day. Try it it might work but not sure
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    8:27am central time, i just forced a backup now and i'm curious what it will do
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    Tried that on my first pre and it didn't change the behavior.
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    8:28 central time
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    3:14am Eastern
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    3:08 am Central. Been doing it at that time since launch night. Its a good time as far as I'm concerned.
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