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    Havent' had time to get new SDK yet.. prob tomorrow. But i was just wondering if 1.1 fixes the issue with if your company has an expired ssl cert.. the "other" phones just give you a prompt saying "Are you Sure you want to accept this.. blah blah.. at your own risk.

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    I hope it does...
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    In the home page of, it says:
    Well, kwbunn in our forums confirms that if you set up the emulator to talk to Exchange servers, it does indeed have the tasty ability to work with servers that enforce more stringent PIN requirements. So take heart, Exchange users at locked-down companies, life is about to get better.
    So it seems as if one user here (kwbunn) has tested it in the emulator and says it's working. To me, this indicates there is a good chance that they have nailed the fix that you and some other need.

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    im pretty sure it will considering all the security fixes it will have.

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