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    I really love the Palm Pre, and I am waiting for some exciting games on the device. But I have some problems with the multi-touch of the phone. I have played with the iphone and palm pre, and it seems that the iphone just has a much more responsive multi-touch. I have played fieldrunner and xplane on the iphone, and it is very responsive. But it just feels like the Palm Pre lags a lot and isn't responsive.

    I am hoping that this is just a WebOS issue, and that they will update the device soon to fix the error. But as I see it now, it just wouldn't be fun to play fieldrunner or multi-touch games on the Pre.

    The brainteaser game they have right now is bad enough, where the "match" icons I press don't respond that well.
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    No problem with my multi touch. I think you should get an Iphone if the Pre is not that responsive enough for yours games.
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    it's partially a WebOS Issue and partially because of the difference in screens between the iPhone and the Pre. They both utilize capacitive touch technology but not the same screen 'technology'. But it is mostly a WebOS issue and will go away over time as more and more firmware updates come along, soon enough you won't feel a difference.

    and remember the iPhone is already on OS v3.x, Pre is only at 1.04 so there is alot more to come w/ new firmware updates.
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    We have BUTTONS and Multi-touch.
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    Were you playing the games on an iPhone 1.0? Otherwise, why the comparison?
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    Only difference in screens is that the iphone uses glass surface, and pre uses plastic, and that the iphone's is larger. that's it.

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