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    Well, a friend and I have been working on a repo system and package/download/install app for dvelopers to package their files and upload to our server, and then for the users to browse through the files and view info about them and download/install them...

    Do we need to continue development? The SDK was released, will homebrew apps still exist? :/
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    Even though the SDK has been released, you should definitely keep developing. Apps will not be accepted into the app catalog until the fall. Even when the fall comes around, not all the apps will be accepted into the app store. When I jailbroke my ipod touch, I was so thrilled with all the apps that I could download. Then months after, the app store was released and even though there was a huge selection, I still loved a lot of the apps from cydia and installer that weren't available in the app store. Please Please Please continue your development with the repo system. I think if you do it right, it could really revolutionize the phone. Keep up the amazing work!
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    having an alternative is what linux is all about isnt it?
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    Yes, keep developing, there will be a huge need. Just look at the many sites dedicated to homebrew's of Windows mobile devices.
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    I was just thinking about doing this sort of thing, except for the desktop. I find myself overwhelmed by the rapid updates in the homebrew section, and having a support program that can keep track of versions would help solve this problem.

    I suppose having the whole system based on the Pre would be significantly more useful though...
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    Mine is on the desktop, I'm not sure where you got that it as on the pre...
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    There would never have been an app store if it wasn't for the jailbreakers that raised the bar created the need. They continue to raise the bar for iPhone features and Apple is responding. If it were not for the jailbreaking community, the iPhone 3Jesus would just be like a first gen iPhone on day one.
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    Are you planning on making an app that goes on the Pre like cydia or installer? If you aren't, do you know of anyone who is making one?
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    I cant program in java script, I have no plans of learning right now, school starts soon, don't have the time..

    I have no idea who will..
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhMassacre View Post
    I cant program in java script, I have no plans of learning right now, school starts soon, don't have the time..

    I have no idea who will..
    Yeah. School starts soon for me too. I don't have time 2 learn
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    yes keep developing because u see all the apps we have on this website compared to the actuall app catalog? most of the apps that are developed wont even make it to the catalog which will mean ppl will be missing out on some great apps the homebrew scene is making

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