Has anyone noticed/characterized the LunaSysManager memory footprint on the Pre?

I've done some basic experimenting and LunaSysManager starts out at or under 30% (perhaps even in the 20's, I don't remember exactly) after a reboot. Each card opened increases the memory by perhaps another 4 or 4 percent. I was able to get between 12 and 14 cards opened when the phone would get sluggish. Attempting to open another would indicate the need to close cards. It would require me to close about 3-4 apps before there was enough free memory to open another card. Next I closed all cards and tried again. I was able to open a similar number of cards again. I suspect that what I'm seeing is that memory is not being freed due to the Java garbage collector (memory manager) being lazy. I could be wrong. I'd just like to pique someone's interest or learn here from what you might have already observed. (I ran the "top" command as root, and sorted the periodically refreshing output by Memory (capital M)).