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    I posted a thread where I said I had 12 dead pixels now I have more than that lost count , and my phone was restarting with even the slightes tap on it I'm not sure if this is due to the battery fitting loose in the back or what but now the pre caused me to be 2 hour late to work and yeah they got mad at me =( the alarms don't work yes I had the phone on loud volume and so did I have the system sounds on loud . I haven't exchanged my pre but I'm wondering if all the pres are this faulty ???
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    No, I haven,t had one problem since I purchase it 6 June, cross my fingers.
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    Stuck or dead pixels don't usually get worse over time at any appreciable rate, and 12 is already a huge number. Your phone is broken, get it fixed. What the hell do you need to ask for?

    My phone can only dial out to 1-900 numbers and the speaker emits fire. Is this normal? Just checking.
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