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    Does anyone know a way to "globally" wipe out all contacts and events on a Pre without having to wipe each out individually?

    Somehow, my Pre has backed up duplicate contacts and events. When, I sync with Missing Sync, and instruct it to replace the events on device with those on my computer, the duplicates remain (so I have three sets of the same event).

    I tried to reset the device (a partial reset), but when I signed in with my profile, voila, all the duplicate entries were still there.

    I do not look forward to eliminating over a thousand events and a like number of contacts just to straighten out this mess (I am sure of my own device).
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    I had a similar issue with Google calendar events and contacts. I just deleted the account entirely on the Pre and then set it back up. Problem solved.

    Sadly enough, it appears that I may need to do the same with a POP3 email account that I have just to get the 2000 items out of the trash can without swiping each one out individually...or leaving them there forever.
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    Scuba Steve, thanks for the quick reply. How does one delete the account entirely on the Pre? IOW, is this just the account for the Contacts and the one for Events? Or do I have to wipe the entire device clear and have the phone number entered again?

    If this is not clear, just draft instructions for a frustrated ***** :-(

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    I think that depends on where your events and contacts are in the cloud. Mine are on Google, so I just go to Calendar->menu->preferences & accounts and then click on "google" and then click on the big red "Remove Account" button to delete all of those calendar events. The "Contacts" app has a similar interface for Google.

    Unfortunately, neither app appears to support a similar feature for data stored in your "Palm Profile"...but there must be a better way than re-imaging the least I hope.

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