Well it happened, my screen cracked, and now I need to know how to recover my photos & videos and contacs from phone without the need of touching the screen, being it doesn't work. I didn't backup the files before because I thought this wouldn't happento me being i am always careful, but my screen cracked all by itself and now i'm here. Anyways wouyld like some help. I turned the phone on while holding the volume up button. I can see the usb picture on the cracked screen, but my computer doesn't see it, what am i doing wrong? also I can't sownload the webos doctor to at the end wipe the phone clean before I return it to the insurance claim department. I downloaded this file which is supposed to give me a link to download the .jar file, but it doesn't work. I am using a mac btw. Any help would be greatly appreciate, my main concern is my personal pics and videos and memos..... Thanks in advance