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    PuTTY keeps freezing on me. I can't figure out why. I'm currently using Vista ultimate, and connecting my pre via USB. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sorry, but there's not really much help anyone can offer. Putty runs fine on Vista Ultimate (32 and 64 bit) so it's got to be something going on with your system. That's a really hard thing to diagnose on a forum.
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    The bizarre thing is worked fine earlier today, then it started doing this. I've been trying to install apps all night, but it keeps freezing up. There have been no changes on my system since it was working. Is there a alternative SSH to use in place of PuTTY?

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    You might want to grab a copy of PortaPutty. I suppose there might be some corruption of your installation. A portable version will let you test without altering your installed version. You might also test and see if you have problems connected to a server other than your Pre. Try to replicate your actions on another server, see what happens. Also, see if you can connect via wifi.

    Do you get any particular errors? For some reason, I've gotten segfaults using vi, but only then. Do you get anything like that?
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    So I figured out my issue.
    Bad USB cable!
    It's working now w/o issues.

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