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    I have done a lot to my phone and would like to back up the entire os , with

    all the homebrew apps included. In case it bricks for some reason I wont have

    reinstall everything.

    Is there a way I can do that ?
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    Palm give you the ability to actually back up your data? Surely, you jest.

    I love the fact that the Palm profile backs up stuff like contacts and calender, which is easily synched with many peoples' exchange or similar server. They also sync email account settings, which are very easily re-entered. They do not back up WiFi settings, which for many are numerous, with difficult to remember passwords. No way to back up any real settings at all or any user data. BUT! We can have it save and restore the 3 apps that are usable from the app store!

    Hopefully we will have a 3rd party option soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdale View Post
    that method is no diff than just copying the contents of your internal storage
    sadly it doesnt actually back up your phone apps/OS
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