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    When you bookmark a webpage in the Pre browser it also establishes a "card" for that site. However it maxes out at 12 and earlier sites that were bookmarked disappear from the cardview although they are still available as bookmarks. How do I avoid making a book mark a card? Can I have more than 12 cards? Can I maneuver the order of these "cards?"

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    man...i was just googling this too!

    i don't think the Pre recognizes more than 12 bookmarked thumbnails....maybe some future hack....

    but i defin should be given the choice to choose between a thumbnail or regular favorite every time you add a page!
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    you can choose what cards have thumb nails by moving the tiles in bookmarks. the top 12 are thumbnails.

    i would rather have the default view be the bookmarks.
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    In the menu for the web application, you can select bookmarks and it gives you a list of ALL your bookmarks. You click and drag to move them up or down. Just move your favorite bookmarks to the top 12 spots and these will be the ones that appear on the page that opens when you select the web. Hope it helps!
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    can anyone explain this to me ? so everytime you add a bookmark , it opens it in a new card ? sorry , i`m new and don`t own a pre
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    I may be taking liberties with the term "card," thus I put it in quotes in my original post. Thumbnails as used by somebody who replied is more appropriate.

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