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    I'm trying to stream from my squeezecenter - but the stream is cutting out after 3 seconds

    Anyone else experience this? This is the only device I've ever had which closes the stream

    (squeezecenter = Logitech Squeezebox )

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    I've tried but failed to use the Squeeze Network(SN) to control my SB Boom. The Pre web browser allows me to access the SN and it acts as if I can control the Boom but nothing happens.

    I'll have to see if the Squeeze Center can stream to my pre. If mine works, I'll reply.

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    It might last 3 seconds, sometimes 5, but it seems that for some reason the Pre's MP3 player thinks the stream has a finite length (as soon as it starts, you can see it thinks it is playing a 4 sec clip - there is a length shown).

    This is also the only device out of many I've tried that has this problem. Very odd.

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