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    Good evening,
    Has anyone discovered how to disable the end call sound? Thanks!
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    I dont think that you can do it.
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    I hope it is just like the charging sound was disabled it must be in there somewhere.
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    I hope someone enables this somehow. It's rediculously loud when you say... have a call dropped and your using the included wired headphones
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    Yea, annoying and weird. Sounds just like the beep on an answering machine. Old & dated sound.
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    I found out how and posted it on the wiki.

    New link
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    I found out how and posted it on the wiki.

    [url= Phone Disable Missed-Dropped-Ended Call Sound - WebOS Internals[/url]
    Actual link, here:
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    Thank you, I was just about to post this. But does mean I have to root my Pre?

    Sounds more like someone is pressing the number 2 on the phone.
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