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    My photobucket seems to be taking a long time per photo, like 30-40 seconds+ maybe, if this is normal, what is a faster way to get pics online? my blackberry to facebook was almost instant.
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    I've started sending my pictures to picasa through e-mail. I sent 7 or 8 pictures the other day, and it put them all in an album I had already set up, since that's what I had in the subject line. Can be a little tedious if you have quite a few pictures to upload though. I just <3 picasa, though...
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    The good thing is with MultiTasking is you can upload several and then just go about your business and they will upload in the background.

    You don't have to wait for the one to finish to do the next one.
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    It did seem like a hassle to have to upload pics to either facebook or photobucket. I created both and once I activated facebook, it wouldn't let me add p.b. I have just been attaching the ones I want and uploading them to my e-mail. What's up with sprint pic mail? Any other way better?

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