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I used to be able to web surf (slowly) and read RSS feeds during my 30-40 minute subway ride (using the Blackberry). Now, I don't even take the Pre out. And, yet, I'll lose 8-10% of the battery simply because the phone was on standby.

I'm hesitant to take the Pre in for an exchange, because I've not had any of the physical problems (e.g., Oreo, cracked screen) that others have had. And, given that Sprint is replacing Pre's with used ones (with scratches and all), I might as well wait to see if the update helps enough.
I know what you mean. I feel like I've been so lucky because I got what i think to be a perfect Pre while all I read are complaints. The only issue I have is that my clock seems to get a minute ahead every day (I keep network time and time zone on). Every 3 days I switch airplane mode on and off to reset the clock.

We're just all in the same boat, let's see what kind of updates and apps we get.

I came from the Instinct, so I'm more than willing to be patient and see where this phone goes. I'm still very excited about its potential.