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    This would be a great feature...... Like the instinct or the iphone.
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    This would be a great feature...... Like the instinct or the iphone.

    this is more of a service then a feature. When the service will support the Pre, they will then release an app and instructions how to forward unanswered phone calls to a particular phone number.

    Reason why it probably didn't make it on to this phone, because sprint needs to license the service in order for it to work. Currently it's on their beloved Extinct...
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    I already put a feature request into Palm/Sprint for VMM on the Pre. It was one of the truly very nice features on the Instinct and I do feel that I've actually lost a key service I previously had. Though the fact I've gained so much it kind of makes up the difference. But to be able to 'see' your voice mail messages, forward them to an email address (great for work) and play them back in whatever order you wish is just awesome and again something I really miss!

    As for licensing it is a service Sprint already provides so I'd imagine it is a matter of just adapting the software for it to work on this phone. Perhaps they already have tried and ran into problems and decided to scrub it till a later date. I do remember when the rumor mill was turning that Palm kept VMM very quiet which makes me think they were hopeful that it would be something Sprint had ready? Who knows really ... If they are already running the service I'd imagine licensing is a mute point unless they actually do it all through a third party which I wouldn't put past Sprint. Perhaps VMM is a feature Sprint wanted to keep exclusive to the Samsung/feature phones in order to pull a certain end user to it? After all we all know the Instinct was to be the iPhone killer and the Pre was never really touted to even be a direct competitor though it has ended up being one without even trying. :-)
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    Someone is working on it now a 3rd party developer. Not sure where I read it but it was from them and it had a few more features as well.

    I really liked it on my Instinct as well and used it for Voice Memo as well.
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    The fact is that stuff like YouMail and other 3rd party VMM services is that they require busy or no answer call forwarding to another number, and Sprint charges for that ($.20 I believer per call). I think that's ridiculous, and I'd rather not have to pay extra for that. Regular VM is fine for me, albeit a bit annoying when people call and leave several voicemails over a short period of time.
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    I agree it seems only logical that Sprint and Palm provide the service, it's not like they don't have the infrastructure. Boy are we ex-iPhoners spoiled. I really miss the Visual Voicemail.

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