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    In house we have an avaya modular messaging system for our voicemail system. It encodes our voicemails into wav files encoded with the MS-GSM 6.10 codec in wav format. The pre will not play these files. Anyone know of a way to get this codec installed or how these can be played???
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    Did you find any solution to this?
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    I got it to work by changing our asterisk/trixbox voice system to encode as a wav. Although it was already creating a wav file the encoding used was actually wav49. Once I made this change it works perfectly. The email attachments are a little larger, but at least I can hear them now.
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    I have an Avaya modular messenger system also, I loaded the previous version of the GSM Wav codec and it worked fine, the recent update doesn't work, it shows that is playing but no sound. I uninstalled - deleted and reinstalled still does not work

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