View Poll Results: Tell Sprint how you feel about useless crapware that they won't let you delete:

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  • Let me delete useless crapware, like NASCAR. It's wasting space on my Pre!!!

    154 93.33%
  • Oh Sprint I love NASCAR. Give me more apps that I can't delete.

    11 6.67%
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    I'm not against NASCAR, but I am against putting apps on there with limited appeal that CAN'T be deleted (and no, rooting the device to get rid of it doesn't count).

    My Storm came with VZ Navigator on it. I tried it, it sucked, and I deleted it. Without issue. And that's an app that Verizon REALLY wants you to use (considering they charge $10 a month for you to use it).
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    I'm with Habious. Going to have to use the root method on mine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kai MacTane View Post
    I paid good money for this device. I own it. I do not want there to be any apps I can't remove, whether they're NASCAR, "Sprint TV" (whatever that is), YouTube, Pandora, or anything else. It's my phone, not Sprint's.

    I'll root it, if that's what it takes to free up the space being wasted by the various apps I don't want or need. But that's no reason not to complain about this - I'm certainly not going to sit down, shut up, and take it meekly. You seem to think "complaining" means it's not justified.

    Hint for you: It is quite justified. And I can root my Pre and still complain. Sprint won't listen to people who don't speak up.
    Agreed. On all counts.
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    Nothing screams WHISKEY TANGO like NASCAR. It's like a hot pocket snuggled up to my caviar and I haven't the power to fling it away.
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    I personally like Nascar so the app is staying on it's page for me. And Nascar is more interesting than F1 since it isn't ALL about pit strategy... I could go for hiding Contacts though. I NEVER use that.
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    I voted to delete, but I actually love NASCAR. I do think you should have the option to delete anything not necessary to make the phone work. Trust me, if this were a MLS app, I would be rooting the Pre to get rid of it.
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