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    very much so, and I'm happy to say I've got some code started on it cbr is another natter, unfortunately and may take additional time. However, keep in mind, my top priority at the moment is getting Internalz and systoolsmgr ready for webOS 2.0.
    Cool :B if you need a beta tester hit me up !

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    Quote Originally Posted by netz23 View Post
    Is there a mobile website with the comics?
    I make no promises that you will LIKE my comics, but you can view them on your webOS device in two ways:

    1) straight on the website:
    2) Trial version of my app (link in my sig)

    I recently redesigned my website to distinguish mobile devices from desktop browsers and format better for the devices.

    I use a Pre Plus and I think it looks pretty good on it.

    I'd love any feedback about the design and how it works desktop vs. on the phone.

    This line of comics I designed specifically to work well with a device. They are single panel and portrait orientation. It is in the format of the newspaper comics like Farside.

    I'm a beginner at making comics, so again, I don't promise you'll like them... I also haven't made any new ones in a while, but I hope to make some more soon. I've been busy porting my app to other devices and planning a GiveCamp for the Atlanta area.

    I hope you find at least some of them funny.

    Original science fiction, fantasy and comics for WebOS - Galactic Beacon: Volume 1
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