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    Fandango is a wonderful app. However, I have found that if I start it up and use it, then close it down, it will not open again. It hangs on the startup screen that says Fandango.

    If I power the Pre off and on again, then Fandango will work fine. I have also had this problem with Where, and another that I can't remember right now.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Just uninstall the app and reinstall it and try again.
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    No problems with mine.
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    I have installed it a couple of times. Still seems to hang up on me... wierd.
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    Mine is having the problem. Just the logo and the spinning *****ly ball. I haven't tried restarting. Will do after posting...
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    hmm... I don't remember typing anything bad... wierd.

    Oh... the word was "pr1c|Kly". I see... Reminds me of the real-time anti-swearing thing my sis-in-law's parents have. Once in a while it gives some pretty funny word replacements. Some are:

    "The rooster says, 'jerk-a-doodle-doo'"
    "People of the opposite hugs"
    "Hot monkey hugs"
    "What up my African-Americans"

    Oh, and the restart finished. Fandango is working again.
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    I had this issue today as well. I uninstalled/reinstalled to no effect. I then uninstalled, rebooted the phone, reinstalled, and all is well.
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    I had this happen to me as well. It was actually the first time I was going to be buying a ticket using the app, and I couldn't even get it to run.

    I wonder if it's related to the WebOS location services. I remember the Where app also would lock up in the beginning when searching for your location. I wonder if the Fandango app has a similar bug.

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