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    First time poster here, so please move if this thread is in the wrong forum.

    I just got my Pre a few days ago and after playing around with it I am very impressed. I do have a question regarding the backup feature. I know that the contacts and calendar events are backed up, but I wanted to know if all my TASKS and MEMOS get backed up as well. If yes or no, where can I find official verification of this?

    Also, regarding the whole backup feature, where exactly does the information get backed up to? When people talk about the "cloud" on these forums, is this what they are talking about? Thanks.
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    When you register your Palm Pre with a "palm profile account", and then verify your email, then your data gets backed up to Palm's network and stored in your profile.

    From Palms website here (sorry I cannot post a links yet) :

    What data is backed up automatically?

    Your phone backs up the following data automatically every day:

    * Contacts: Contacts that are stored in your Palm profile are backed up. Contacts stored in a sync account, such as Google or EAS, are not backed up to your Palm profile. Data stored in sync accounts, such as Google, is backed up by the account host to the Google server, and data stored in Outlook is backed up to the Exchange server.

    * Calendar: Same as Contacts.

    * Account settings: Email addresses, passwords, and other account settings within the preferences and accounts item in applications that support Synergy (Messaging, Contacts, Calendar, and Photos) are backed up.

    * Tasks that are stored in you Palm profile are backed up. Tasks stored in an EAS sync account are backed up to the Exchange server.

    * Downloaded applications: Applications downloaded through the App Catalog. Applications are reinstalled from the backup, not restored. Data in these apps, such as high scores for games or user profiles, are not restored.

    * System settings

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