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    Is it possible to create a new page in the launcher? It seems to have 3 and I cannot figure out how to add one.
    Laissez Faire
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    Requires rooted :

    Goto / add-delete-pages-in-the-launcher

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    Not sure what "rooted" means, but I don't think I want to figure it out. No easier way?
    Laissez Faire
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    "rooted" means you would need to gain root access to the device in order to change a file or files. The add and delete pages are already built into the code, but the menu options are hidden.

    Gaining root access is also explained on . It is kind of involved, and there are some risks. I cannot post the complete link yet, because apparently even though I have been coding for 20 years, on this board I am a "lamer" with less than 10 posts

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    This is how to obtain root access..
    pre dev wiki: Enable Root Access
    This is how to add delete pages in launcher
    pre dev wiki: Add / Delete Pages in the Launcher

    2 more btuchten, you are almost there!

    If you don't want to attempt to root your pre all you need is patience and eventually there will be an easier way.
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    Can't wait. It's like winning a prize.


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