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    Never have myself, but with the battery now able to last over 2 days I think I may start
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    Quote Originally Posted by theromanone View Post
    Never have myself, but with the battery now able to last over 2 days I think I may start
    Fwiw, I rarely keep cards open longer than a couple of hours, but that's more because of my usage patterns, not out of concern about battery life. Maybe I'm just lucky... I just made a few common-sense battery-saving fixes, and things went well. My music apps stay open for the longest, followed by email.
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    I keep tweed app open, but only because it seems as if I don't get notifications without it.
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    I usually dont if I'm not continuously using the card.

    Also, swiping up has become a natural habit, I just do it without thinking whenever I hang up a call/send a text/etc
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    I normally keep 4 cards open AccuWeather > Tweed>Messaging>E=Mail

    I do make them real small but like having them open. this way I changed what was on my Quicklaunch bar for other things I use all the time.
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    Does accuweather keep connected to the web, sending info the whole time, like say Pandora? That'd be really nice to keep open if it doesn't.
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    I usually keep Messaging, Email, Camera, and Spaz open.

    If you have a problem with the load times, I would HIGHLY suggest keeping certain cards open. It's noticeably quicker than starting from scratch. Once it's already been loaded, it's much quicker to just switch to that pre-loaded card than to load it all over again.

    Say I'm in Spaz and I want to switch over to my Email. Since it's already loaded in the background, when I press the Email icon, it quickly switches over. If none of my programs are loaded, I would have to wait a bit longer for the app to start up.
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    If I use them, say playing music. Otherwise no, it's fun to kick them off the screen.

    Open and inactive cards have no effect on battery usage, only memory. It should be up to the user to decide what to use.
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    I keep my email open all the time and messaging as well.
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    I keep classic open, use a classic app every 15-20 minutes while I'm at work.
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    Not having a Pre, I can say if I had one that I would WANT to keep my email and spread sheet always open, as is done on the Touch Pro.

    Does the MotionApps application display the Palm cursor halo?
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    i keep email and tweed open all the time. messaging is open alot too, but not as much as it used to be.
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    I do because the apps take a little bit too long to open for me if I close them.
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    I keep email open so I don't have to always type the landscape mode code. Too bad that can't be made sticky.
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    i just keep my messaging app up.
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    I always keeps Email, Calendar, messaging up. Often, but not always, have up at least 1 web brower up too
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    i know that i should keep the cards open, but i like looking at the wallpaper so much i always end up closing the cards *just* so i can see the wallpaper uncluttered. if only there were a way to swipe the cards off to the side so that only a little edge of the last card is visible. that way the wallpaper "desktop" remains uncluttered, while the cards are still open. thoughts?
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    Honestly, I keep most of my cards open. From testing, all apps that I use on a regular basis (pandora, web, messaging, email, camera, and a few others) really don't require extra power when not in used and in card form. So I just put all them into card form and lock the pre and I've had great standby battery life.

    The camera app I have found pretty useful to keep minimized in card form and am glad for it not to use much battery life. Makes it quick to open for the impromptu photo.
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    Calendar || Email || Tweed || Messaging

    These apps stay open all day. Occasionally FB, PreCentral or some other webpage gets opened. Leaving these cards open haven't noticeably made any changes to my battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theromanone View Post
    Never have myself, but with the battery now able to last over 2 days I think I may start
    How did you get your battery to last that long?? mine barely lasts a 3/4 of a single day!
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