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    I stumbled upon this one..

    Insteading of swiping and then hitting delete for each message, just swipe the first msg you want to delete, and instead of hitting delete when the delete/cancel confirmation appears, continue to swipe messages. They will be deleted without displaying the delete/cancel confirmation option for each msg.
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    This is cool. Too bad I never delete a few messages, just convos.
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    Too bad this doesn't work for emails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookedart View Post
    Too bad this doesn't work for emails.
    ??? Emails work similarly except you don't get the delete/cancel dialog with the first email.
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    I like this option, comes in handy when you have failed messages within the text or private convo you would like to omit from coversation. Found out it works in any order selected within the convo. Thanks

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