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    I dont know. I find it a bit suspicious that this announcement just happens to be made the week before the weekend all of the early adopters have to return their pres(30 days is up July 5th). I for the first time in my smartphone purchasing continuum regret being an early adopter. How ironic it ends with the same company it began with nearly a decade ago. I really dont want to return my Pre because I know the potential of what it "CAN" become. I just think PALM rushed this phone to market, and is overwhelmed right now. If I ride it out and PALM doesnt come through with updates that fix the minor issues, Im stuck with this phone for 12 months. I have a perfectly functional Pre now with minimum *oreo affect* so I dont want to return now and purchase one later with a ******tier build quality.

    I kind of feel like Im about to marry the used to be prom queen but is now the super pretty fat girl, because I know what she "CAN" possibly become if she "chooses" to get off her *** and make it happen. *sigh* 24 hour dilemma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    it can be named prefart

    l o l :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight_Lauderdale View Post

    hehehe iphone 30,000 palm pre 80 by next week!!!! hahaha

    hopefully this is tortoise and the hair replaying itself

    then again i am an apple share holder. oh the conflictions in my life
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    I'm hoping they come up with a decent way to organize all of the apps...I can see it now with all the apps that will be coming out, scrolling through the 100 or so I'll probably end up having on my phone it will start to be a bit of a mess. Maybe something like they have the App Store laid out...I don't know maybe that's just me?
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    "I'm hoping they come up with a decent way to organize all of the apps"
    Duh...this is a no-brainer...But until there ARE some there's no need to have a roomful of file cabinets and folders when there are only 30 files to 'organize'.
    The Pre alerts me to everything else (and don't get me wrong. I LOVE this thing) why can't it alert me to new apps? Of course, maybe it will ;-)

    By the way, got my phone on day 1. Our store opened at 0800 people were there since 0530. The several who got there at 0720 like I did were done by 8:15.. It was one of my better Sprint experiences in 12 years...
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    back when i first got a Palm" i added a launcher replacements, but as I kept upgrading to newer version and the launchers apps stopped working, I ended up just viewing the all tab and litting the first letter of the app i wanted.

    with webos, i dont have to launch the launcher 1st, and i dont have to stop at the first letter.
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    Seems someone lied Warez my apps ?
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