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    I was driving today on the highway, and encountered multiple issues with Sprint Nav:

    -Wrong instructions. I swear a couple of times it told me to "turn left" when I was really supposed to turn right. I listened to the voice instead of looked at the screen (since I don't have a windshield mount) and I ultimately drove about 5 more miles than necessary

    -Lag. It told me to take a turn about a second after it was too late to take it.

    Okay, so only two issues. But they're pretty major. Especially going 70 on the highway. Is this an issue that could be ironed out with software updates, or is it an inherent flaw of any kind of all-in-one device (I maintain that standalone cameras, standalone MP3 players and standalone GPS units are better than combined things)?
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    I had the same issues, DC. Used it in Atlanta - had to slow down to about 60 so the thing could keep up with me
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    Speeding kills!
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    For me the lag is actually better than my standalone Mio GPS units. The speed and lag are actually pretty good comparatively.

    As for saying "left" when your supposed to go right yeah that happened to me once. I thought I must have just misheard. I didn't find it to be a big deal because it has only happened once to me and I was able to quickly and easily correct.

    Overall, I think that Sprint Navigation is very good and I am especially happy to get it for free from Sprint. Verizon would want to charge you lots of money every month for similar functionality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by premaddy View Post
    Speeding kills!
    I know. I try to keep at the limit. Unfortunately, going much slower than the flow of traffic is also dangerous.
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    I made some observations of the GPS while riding on an MBTA bus and train earlier this week. I simply observed my location in the GoogleMaps app. When the bus or train stopped, often my location on Google Maps kept moving forward. When on the train (where the path was straighter, I could easily see changes in the "drift" from my actual location. My guess is the GPS updates that the Pre/WebOS provides to apps may use a combination of tower-triagulated GPS and extrapolation of your path between calls to the tower or the real GPS in the Pre. My understanding is that the tower GPS fixes are faster. I would think that an application (such as TeleNav/SprintNaviagation) that is tracking a route should know when it needs to ping the tower again for accuracy.

    If my observations via GoogleMaps are correct, then if the Pre cannot get an update to a GPS fix at the proper time (shortly before a turn), then it might be late in estimating where you are when it needs to tell you about a turn. I guess mounting the pre near the windshield would help, as telenav tells you the distance and direction it thinks the next turn should be. If you slow down in the last 1 or 2 tenths of a mile before the turn, it seems like telenav usually catches up. (Of course a lot of this probably depends on the strength of your Sprint signal. If you are in a 1XRTT (non EV-DO) area, that might also be contributing to being told too late about turns.)

    I hope the above helps. I haven't used TeleNav a lot, so I'm also interested in what other people's experiences are.

    -- Bob
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    I'm not sure the gps on sprint navigation and google maps works the same way. For example today i was at the mall trying to use the navigation to get home and for some reason the gps on sprint navigation could not locate where i was. It kept asking me to make sure i had a clear view of the sky. Then when i switched over to google maps, it located exactly where i am with ease. Switched back to the navigation and still no dice, it could not locate me.
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    I find it tells me to turn too soon. Don't get me wrong, with street name, traffic, and seemingly constant street and business updates, I love the Navi, but you do have to look at the screen to find out when to turn.. It announces to turn when you still have about .1 to .2 miles to go.. For me.
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    Even with my Garmin Nuvi, I think it would be difficult to use voice only. I have to look at the screen to figure out what it means.

    Plus there are lots of intersections in New England designed by imbeciles, with odd numbers of streets coming together and branching in ways that really are not adequately covered by "turn right" or "turn left". You have to see the map to figure out what the heck is going on.
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    its been working fine for me besides the addresses from the contacts list... not sure if the sprint only or roaming have an affect... you should look into it...
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    FWIW, the Sprint Navigation on my old 800w has the same lag as the one on my Pre (the Pre is a bit faster.) Also, Garmin Mobile XT on my 800w had the same lag as well. However, I ran TomTom 7 on my 700wx and it had no lag whatsoever, but it would tend to drift when stationary. Garmin Mobile XT on the 700wx had the same lag as on the 800w.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post

    As for saying "left" when your supposed to go right yeah that happened to me once. I thought I must have just misheard. I didn't find it to be a big deal because it has only happened once to me and I was able to quickly and easily correct.
    So how were you able to quickly nad easily correct it?
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    Using Sprint Navigation here around NE IN and having no problems. Works a lot more smoothly than the Sprint Navigation for Blackberry!
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    Being a user of standlone GPS, Cell phone GPS as well as my old DVD Navigation.

    I can tell you, navigation works best with a combination of looking and listening.

    I always try to know the exit number or name of the street i'm supposed to turn as well as the distance until that turn.

    Being told to turn comes in handy when its a confusing area however.

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