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    Since neither app (Tweed or Spaz) supports uploading pics as of now, you can tweet pics from email twitpic or flickr

    Make Twitter a contact in your phone (# is 40404 if in US), and make its email the one you find at: Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
    Then when you email the pic to twitter, the subject line will be the text of your tweet

    Go to and pick "Twitter" from the dropdown and give your twitter user/pass and authorize flickr
    Then look at and use the email from "Your Flickr2Twitter upload email" as Twitter's email. Subject line becomes the tweet. 112 char limit.

    hope this helps some
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    btw, you can setup flickr to post to both your twitter and facebook pages if you want.

    twitpic will only take one pic at a time, flickr with take multiple picks at a time, but when it post it to twitter each pick will get its own post.
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    I wish Twitter would just support MMS updates. For that matter, I wouldn't mind if TwitPic supported MMS updates too.
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    i wish there was a hack to upload photos to flickr from, similar to the facebook upload
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    yep thats cool
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    Or you can just use Tweet since it has the option to add photos. You just have to configure your twitter picture page e-mail and that's it.
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    I wish you could add to a set! I was using TwitPics until i saw this. I use flickr so this works out perfect!
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    Spaz now supports pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sushi View Post
    Spaz now supports pics!
    Tweed does now, too.

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