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    I'm reading Pre Central's very own Pre review and it says something about the e-mail client being slow, but I want to ask: what do you mean by that?

    I really like the look of the Pre and am seriously considering buying one to replace my 5800, but I e-mail a LOT so it could be a deal breaker if there is something wrong with the e-mail client.
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    I've noticed that email on the Pre is slower than my BB, but I think that's to be expected. The Pre opens up additional windows to reply to, or forward, an email, so that takes some extra time. I haven't noticed it being much slower than my iPod Touch though.

    The email client lacks some features you may be accustomed to depending on the platform you're coming from, but IMO it works just fine.

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    Is there a huge lag in getting and sending e-mails? I've owned a iPhone 3G and am at the moment using a 5800 (which is crap, and I happen to have a faulty one, so I'm taking it back soon), and I was happy with the iPhone's e-mail client.

    I don't need a bunch of flashy features for it, I just need it to:
    -Quickly pick up and send e-mails
    -Download and send attachments
    -Automatically check every 15 mins or more (from the review I see it does that and better)
    -Vibrate when I get a new message

    That's all really.
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    No, there's not much of a lag. I have my Gmail account setup to check every 15 minutes and my Exchange to deliver whenever new messages arrive. If I go in and ask the Pre to manually go and get email, it pulls down pretty quick.

    All the items you list it's able to do just fine. I haven't played with attachments too much, but when I have it's worked as expected.

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    Thanks, that's helped me a lot!

    As soon as it's in the UK, I'm getting it!

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