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    My 755p streamed this station fine but not the pre....

    Can someone help me figure out what to do????

    Here's the link...

    The Mobile Stream Center USA - Listen to United States Radio Stations on your Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian-based handheld, Smartphone, PDA or other mobile device via Wi-Fi, GPRS or Bluetooth


    Sports Radio 810 WHB - Powered by Fans click on listen live...
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Sorry, no dice.
    There are a few threads about this, search for them, there are some stations that stream on the Pre.
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    bump.... i'll donate 50 bucks to the first person who gets 810 whb playing on my pre....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)

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