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    WARNING! Be careful when you use companionlink. Their tech support person stepped me through the process and did not make it clear I would lose all my contacts in gmail to be replaced with palm profile. He had me purge everything and I lost all my email address on gmail. (over 1000). Very disappointing,

    Worse yet, after TWO weeks, they have yet to solve 4 errors I keep getting. They finally solved one, and now I get 3 errors and it does not sync.

    Their tech support closes at 3:30 P.S.T. so those of us on the east coast have no evening availability to talk with them.

    I emailed them today to call. They said they "were too busy" to talk today.

    Great customer service, huh?

    Any other products that work to backup your pre to palm desktop?
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    I've had absolutely no problems whatsoever with Companionlink, and their tech support has been very quick to answer issues submitted via email.
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    Here is the quote from their email: "We are very busy with incoming calls today so I will not be able to give you a call back."

    And this after 4 different tech people over two weeks trying to fix the errors. I had read on this site how great their CS was. But my experience, unfortunately, has been poor.

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