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    Not to rain on Palm's well deserved parade, but I stumbled upon this article:


    I especially like how the scrubbing control has been implemented. Not having the ability to scrub forward during my long podcasts is a major hassle for me with the Pre. And the 30 second rewind button is genius.

    I love WebOS and don't mind waiting. I just hope we can look forward to some of these features with WebOS eventually.
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    Palm certainly has a lot of catchup work to do. The one thing that drives me nuts is the general OS lag and slow downs. Also the browser_ calendar and music apps need a lot of work to catch up to the iphone. I'm so sick and tired of the checker board and stuttering while scrolling in the browser.
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    I'm being as patient as I can, but its slowly getting thinner.
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    Obviously number 6 is the most important! Get on it Palm! .... LOL....oh wait... lol!

    6. LOL

    I'm sure you already know what I'm referring to. Apple decided to annoy the world by making the phrase "lol" always auto-correct into "LOL" on all iPhones, no matter where you're typing (SMS, Email, etc...). The problem with "LOL" is that it makes it sound like you reaaally found something funny, when in reality you just want to portray a slight smile or maybe just fill some space with a meaningless three letter acronym. Luckily, on iPhone 3.0 "lol" stays "lol". No capitals.

    But seriously, some of those are stupid. Why is Jailbreaking with Redsn0w and unlocking with ultrasn0w considered a "feature"?
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    I'm pretty sure i can scrub forward when listening to podcats (when listening by clicking on the .mp3 link from the site or rss)

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