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    This just started happening about an hour ago. When I try to make a call the earpiece speaker (thing at the top of the pre) will not produce sound and I cannot hear anyone talking to me. However, if I turn on speaker phone, everything works fine. Also I tested output through headphones and that also works fine.

    The other thing is the light sensor is not working so if I put the phone to my ear the screen stays active.

    Anyone else have these problems? Any suggestions on how to fix? I was thinking a software reset, but I don't really know how to do that. Everything about the phones hardware is solid, so I don't want to exchange it. I have backed up everything on the palm account.
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    So, I think I fixed it. It appears that the pre thought I had headphones plugged in, when I didn't. I sort of figured this out while seeing if music or videos would play though the rear speaker. It turned out they wouldn't. Upon fiddling with this a bit more, including plugging and unplugging headphones, the phone just sort of figured it out and started working normally. No idea what happened there. Not sure if this was a hardware or software problem.
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    The easiest reset is hold the power button until it gives you the Turn Off option (and also Airplane Mode and Cancel), tap Turn Off, wait a bit, and then turn it back on. Probably fixes lots of stuff. Glad you solved it, though.

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