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    Quote Originally Posted by verks View Post
    I got Orb to work. Only problem is you must keep the browser window active. no multitasking while streaming.
    Did you get Orb to work streaming audio from your PC? If so, how?? I had it working prior to v1.1, but can't get it to work anymore. Please help
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    How about we just lobby for a bonafide app, like they just made available for that other phone???
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    interesting... will try it soon.
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    Thread on how to get Orb to work. Will give this a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    Thread on how to get Orb to work. Will give this a try.
    Orb has 2 problems.
    1. if you pay for a 128Kbs stream (like i do), Orb will always downgrade it for performance. (sometimes to 32Kbs) and then it sounds like crap.
    2. it is very slow and cumbersome to get to your channel list.

    if you follow the instructions in this thread, you can get 128Kbs streams all the time and it is a single click to start listening.
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    Can't download USirius from that website anymore. Does anyone know where a copy can be downloaded??
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    This is probably more a tversity question then dealing with the pre... but treversity keeps saying it cant find the url filter and wont transcode the sirius stuff to mp3... suggestions?
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    I got the usirius app. I would like a dedicated sirius app still. I dont like tversity.
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    Thanks s4mb4! I followed your instructions and was up and running in about 10 minutes. TVersity works great and is the next best thing to a dedicated Sirius/XM app. I'm driving from Illinois to Tennessee next week on business, so (assuming my rental car doesn't have Sirius) the true test will be whether my phone maintains a strong enough signal to stream consistently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick2203 View Post
    O & A reference?
    O & A Suck *** LOL
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    If you have to do all this through your router, then it would seem logical to me that your near a computer to begin with, so why not just listen through the computer?

    Yeah it would be great to listen to Howard and Bubba on my Pre, but it would most likely drain the battery quickly, and If I really need to hear it on the move, I'd use my stilletto.

    Just my take on things.

    Oh and by the way I would like to add something in response to an earlier post in this thread.

    Sirius XM radio is no longer trying to block app creators and listeners from listening to ANY of their content on either the Iphone or WEBOS platforms, as now internet streaming of their content is a pay service, and no longer free with your monthly subscription. This come direct from the customer service offices in NY where my buddy actually works for Sirius/XM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocHemi View Post
    O & A Suck *** LOL
    HOO HOO Robin... I invented streaming...

    Tell 'em Fred...
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    I can't seem to get Tversity or usirius to work after changing all of the settings. I think it may have to do with the ports. When I open the ports, can I do it directly for the Windows FW screen, or do I have to directly access my wireless router. And if so, how exactly do I do that?
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