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    Just an updated Sudoku

    guess they were busy getting 1.04 out the door...
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    But it eliminates the need to hack out the zoom. They made it much more difficult than they needed to. Much more usable now.
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    All in one day! I'm so impressed, soon palm will have more functions and apps than webos 1.01
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    I could understand a small group of Beta users to get the App Store something at launch, however, I'd have expected at least 100 beta testers.

    They should be rolling out about 5 applications per day at this point. What is the hold up?
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    Just some type of communication from palm to the community would be wonderful or some useful updates that address issues as well as basic functionality that is clearly missing. At the very least some apps that would add some basic phone features...its ironic how hackers with no inside knowledge are able to produce useful apps in hours and palm has not one in weeks!!
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    more apps have been updated...evernote, spaz,and splashid, craigslist, city search, speed brain.
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    they are doing it the right way......get a good group of apps out there, let people use the phone, and fix the bugs.......then release the motherload once you know everything works.

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