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    I dislike this idea.
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    i think its a great idea for an app
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    My Nokia N73 has that feature built-in.
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    I think its just a matter of time before something like this is going to happen to the pre. After all, according to saahmed, his N73 already does. =)
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    This feature was in the centro. You could ignore a call with a quick text, essentially the same thing
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    I think a Palm OS developer who frequents this page off and on developed something like this for Treo's. I'll see if I can find the old post. Maybe he'll make something for the pre in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMed_ATL View Post
    With sprint phones if you send text to landline it will read out the message to them and then send you a confrimation text that your text to landline message was delivered
    I just tested this on my Palm Pre, and I didn't get any confirmation text back nor a text to speech automated voicemail to my landline.
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    I had this app on my 650....I think it was called Shark Message and it had several options. You could toggle it on and off and choose from preset texts or custom ones created by the user.
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    I need this app TODAY, I was just searching to see if this was possible on any phone...would be nice to just set on sprint's site like you do with an email vacation type message....just something to auto reply back to texts would be awesome...text back from phone calls would be an added bonus.
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    I think it's a good idea b/c whatever the building I live in is made of....I dont get anytime I get a call while at home I have to let it drop...then I have to text the person back saying "I'm in my apartment, I'll call you when I'm out and about"
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    i don't like it
    but that's just me
    if i got a text like that i would be like no your not in the shower you just texted me
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    haha..but it could say away message or something..ya id probably use in IM away message...
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    Need this asap!!!!!...... Also if you could put certain people on the the reply list it would be mui useful....
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    Has there been any development on this idea?
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    I think is a great idea... I too miss the ignore with text option that my Treo 755p had...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    I dislike this idea.
    would you care to comment as to why? maybe you're seeing it from a different angle than the rest of us...
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    Are the API's even available to interact with SMS for this?
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    That's a good idea! An automatic away message for phones would be great. Obviously, you would want to be able to specify who gets what (if any) automated message, but it sure has potential.
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