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    The app opens but there are no videos to pick from...and the search does not work.

    Whats the deal?
    There is no spoon
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    reset your pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by technoviking View Post
    reset your pre
    1st thing I tried
    There is no spoon
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    Mine started doing the same thing and resetting didnt help , The internet works fine an the app stores works ( not as fast as I would like it to open up 10 seconds ) but it does open up . I gave up on it and went to my laptop to check out a few videos,
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    Mine at times won't show any videos on startup but the search has always worked.
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    I have had similar issues. It works in streaks and then doesn't work for awhile. Yet another application on the phone that needs serious work and fixes. I'm wondering if this is related to the browser java bug which hangs up for 5-1@ minutes forcing a cache clear and many times a reset.
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    Only problem I've had with the YouTube app was in streaming the actual video. Had to pause it so the buffering could catch up, and I was in a low-coverage area. Then again, I don't use YouTube on my phone that much.

    Maybe they were doing maintenance at the time?
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    It appears to be a not so feature packed version of you tube light, lol. It won't find my other videos, just one of them for some reason. I guess ya gotta be Michael Jackson to be found on this version of you tube.
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    I had this problem earlier tonight around 10:30pm est. I reset and forgot about it. Just checked and it is working fine now...

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