I tranferred all my data from my Palm 680 to my Pre using the Palm Desktop V6.2.2. The Sprint store couldn't do it, as their transfer machine kept choking after a few hundred records (and 10 minutes of working). I have over 3000 contacts and memos. The USB transfer of all my records to the Pre took less than a minute.

However, I have many categories of Contacts and Memos. On my Pre I can't find how to limit the display of contacts to a certain category (ie. just family, just friends, etc) and on the memos I have the same problem. How do I limit the display on the pre to only a certain category of contact or memo, like I do on the 680?

Currently, my Pre displays ALL contacts (all 1500 of them). Sometimes I want to look for a particular friend whose name I can't recall, but if I see it, I'll remember. Or I want to just see the list of musicians I work with. I don't want to have to scroll through all 1500 contacts, looking for that person.

Same problem with memos - I keep a set of memos on different subjects: personal info, wife's info, kids info, notes on books, music I like, etc. If I want to look through the notes I keep on my wife, I don't want to see all the memos, just those pertaining to her. How do I constrain the display to those notes in the "Wife" category?

Finally, there are some notes that I want to keep private. How do I "lock" certain notes for privacy, requiring a password to view, like I do on the 680?