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    Since updating to webOS 1.0.3 I have encountered a problem with email where some (but not all) new emails appear as 2 new emails. I am using IMAP to connect to my own IMAP server running dovecot.

    This problem is also mentioned in a post "186221-duplicate-emails-gmail.html" (not really the right category, and forgive the lack of a full link, I'm too new to post links) but this person had the problem using gmail, not IMAP.

    If one of the two emails is deleted, then message on the sever (and there is only one message there) is marked deleted. The message seems to stay in an undeleted state on the pre. I will play arround more as soon as I get some spam that I don't care about loosing

    Can anyone else confirm if this is a known or new problem, and if so, if it occurs in only webOS version 1.0.3 or other versions as well?


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    I am getting a similar duplicate email problem with my dovecot server as well. I had no issues before adding the Palm Pre into the imap mix. Running WebOS 1.4.0

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