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    Most of these are probably covered elsewhere, but here is my list (other than the general performance & battery improvements that we all know are needed):

    1. Email search functionality
    2. Customize the default search options (other than Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Twitter that are there by default - I shouldn't need root access to do this)
    3. MSN Messenger Integration
    4. Sync with Hotmail/ calendars & contacts
    5. Ability to filter out certain Facebook contacts
    6. Syncing memos with Exchange server notes
    7. Ability to create & send meeting requests for Exchange Server from the Pre. Right now you can just respond to meeting requests that are sent to you.
    8. When you reply to or forward an email message from the Pre from your Exchange server account, mark those emails as “Replied” or “Forwarded” on the Exchange server. So, if I reply to an email on my Pre, when I get back to my desk, that email should be marked as “Replied” within Outlook.
    9. Sound profiles. I really miss the functionality that I had with my old Windows Mobile device where it went into a “meeting” mode when it knew that I was in a meeting. That way I don’t have to remember to manually put it in silent mode. I believe that Blackberries have similar functionality.
    10. With Exchange server, it can only sync contacts in your default personal contacts folder. Would be nice to be able to select the specific contacts folder you want to sync with for those that want to manage different lists of contacts in Outlook.
    11. Have more than 3 pages on the “Launcher”
    12. Better copy n’ paste – being able to copy text from more locations
    13. A gesture for the equivalent of the back arrow and forward arrow. Useful when in text boxes and you want to move your cursor to a particular area. Sometimes it is really difficult to tap in just the right area to get your cursor where you want it to be.
    14. Browser – better text wrap. Some pages that are designed for mobile browser look very bad on the Pre. For example, go to The text spans all the way across the page and is too small to read. If I zoom in, why couldn’t that text wrap to the screen?
    15. The Wifi antenna appears to shut down the second that the phone’s screen gets turned off. My guess is that was done for power savings. But, if there is an active connection (an internet request that takes longer than the 30 second screen timeout that I have), then the Wifi shouldn’t turn off automatically with the screen. If there isn’t an active connection trying to send/receive data through the Wifi, then by all means turn that antenna off with the screen.
    16. Better default ringtones. I know we can easily create our own, but the ones that are there by default are pretty bad.
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    Ditto for #s 9, 11 & 12.
    I'd also like to see some voice dialing capability. Why does Palm always wait and add this in later?
    I can live without a full fledged voice command system... but dialing with voice, especially w/BT would be awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmGirl23 View Post
    I need a camera on the pre.. plus visual voicemail!!!
    the pre does have a camera!! lmao
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    What about GROUP texting?
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    My top list (err.. in no particular order; I voted these on the pre.uservoice as well)
    1) email searching
    2) video recording
    3) google lattitude
    4) stronger vibrate
    5) different tones for sms/chat vs. emails
    6) BETTER COPY/PASTE! (we need to be able to copy/paste from non-editable fields - having this negates the need for message forwarding..)
    7) ability to download things off the web browser
    8) Better a2dp support (quality slider) - a2dp takes too much battery right now, and my headset cuts out if not in my back pocket or in my hand.
    9) voice dialing

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    we need copy an paste baddddddddddd
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    New Poster here, so if some of these are functions already in the phone I do not know about them.

    These are my Pre update desires...

    1. Touch address in contacts to set as destination in Sprint Navigator, not just google maps.

    2. No all-or-nothing syncing. When I sync up to work's Outlook exchange, I want to see my calendar and new emails, I do NOT want to see my contacts (which are mostly vendors and support contacts) or tasks (which tell me thinks I need to do AT work only).

    3. Back and Forward arrows for typing cursor. If I wish to change something, I hate having to backspace back or try and land my touch right at the spot to move the cursor.

    4. Shrink the spacing of the launcher icons vertically just enough to fit 4 rows of 3 completely in view while the quick launch is on top. It bugs me that the bottom 3 apps are cut off. Worse when there are notifications.

    5. Improve interface to add photo to contacts. Photo manipulation to crop a thumbnail is VERY limited. Many of my pics can't be resized at all.

    Many other desires, for now, already covered. Will be looking for these on UserVoice
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    Im just thankful that the majority of that list can be fixed with mods!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DekonR View Post
    3. Back and Forward arrows for typing cursor. If I wish to change something, I hate having to backspace back or try and land my touch right at the spot to move the cursor.
    you do know you can use the orange key to move the cursor more precisely?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    i sent the below list to Palm:

    12. the ability to flick to the next or previous email. i know you have the arrows to go to previous or next message, but that usually means i have to scroll up. why should i have to do that, when i can flyc in stead?
    Winmo had this problem; some emails require side scrolling and getting the feel for when a flick is a flick and not a sidescroll is touchy. I can understand why palm left it out; they would rather not have that feature than have people randomly do it when they don't want to.
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