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    Iíve spent well over 2 hours with Palm only to identify a new bug in webOS task program. Currently my Pre will not notify me when tasks are due. I do not receive a notification in the notification bar (see pictures) and the task program does not indicate that a task in a particular category is due (see pictures). The test category has a task that is due today. Palm said this was a new bug, were able to duplicate the issue on their test phone (1 out of 5) and said they would work on a fix in the next update. No data was given for the update. Check your phones and let me know if you experience the same issue. Sounds like this problem could be very uncommon.
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    I get task notifications without any issue, both in the notifications area and on the task screen. I wonder what is causing it for you, and if its an environmental issue or what.
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    Here is what it is suppose to look like on your phones. Notice the notification icon and the numbers in the task application. I'll let you know if 1.03 corrects the issue.
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