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    There seems to be a determined effort here to compare this year's Pre with last year's iPhone, so here's another one for the books: Pre apps vs Apple apps. This article is tracking/extrapolating the first 30 days after the opening of an app store. By the time their app store opened, Apple had already been selling iPhones for a year, so they had a 6,000,000 phone head start. But the telling tale of this difference in sales rate is in Palm's decision to not release a SDK to the industry well in advance of opening their app store.
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    palm will get all the apps soon
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    That is the dumbest article I have ever read. The App Catalogue and SDK are still in beta and the SDK is only in a few developers hands. The Pre had a successful launch, but it was a soft launch. Give it a little time. Those Crunch guys must have shorted Palm at $10/share and are trying their best to get their money back with as many negative articles as they can get out there.

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