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    Noticed that these apps have updates available. I also noticed that when an apps needs to be updated there is a "little blue with white arrow pointing down" icon next to the name of the app.

    MCraig Beta
    Express Stocks
    The Missing Sync
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    Can your DarkEye see into the future? :-)
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    Maybe. I put wrong date in subject. Should be 6-17-09. I don't see a way to edit the subject.
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    lol i did have to take a double look at the subject line i was liek WTF?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform View Post
    Can your DarkEye see into the future? :-)
    Just tell us when the next update is coming from Palm and who wins the US Open this weekend, and we're good.
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    Ugh, more fresh meat plz Palm. App updates are cool and all but not as cool as seeing a new app we haven't played with yet.

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