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    I will be switching from a Blackberry to a Pre at the beginning of July, but there is one thing that I am concerned about, the ability to select between multiple ring profiles.

    On my blackberry I use 4 profiles just about every day;
    1) Loud: phone calls ring, emails, SMS, texts and bbms all have their own alert sound and the alarm makes noise.
    2) Vibrate: no sound, just vibrate notification for everything
    3) Office: Same as loud, except email notification is silent (I don't need to be notified on my phone and computer that an email came in)
    4) Sleep: Only phone calls and alarm clock make noise, everything else is silent.

    Now this is probably more information than you need but I would really like to be able to replicate something like this on my pre.

    Are there any settings or apps available or in the works that could replicate this?

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    No, no, no and no.

    Sorry. If you really like the USEFUL functionality of your profiles on your Blackberry, you'll be disappointed with the Pre. Wait for the Tour.
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