First of all, I want say how much I love the new notification system in webOS. However, I do have two annoyances with it:
1) Tasks doesn't seam to insert its notification until after its run. So, if I have tasks due today and I haven't run the tasks app yet, I never get my notification!
2) For as "smart" as the Pre is supposed to be, would it be that hard to add the intelligence to know when a notification is no longer needed? For example, I use GMail for my emailing on both my Pre and Computer with GMail Push enabled. When I get an email - and I'm at my computer - I usually reply to it on my coputer and remove it from my inbox. It would be nice if the Pre's notifications could be updated as well when I do that (periodicly check how many new emails there are in the inbox or something)! I don't know how many times I've come back to my Pre after using the computer for emailing and had false email notifications on it!

Along the same lines, why does the messaging application have a notification for new texts come up when I'm already in the messaging program?!

Sorry, just had to rant and see if anyone else was annoyed by this or not!