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    I thought this could be of interest to some of you, take care, Jay

    Will Sprint Thwart Sling Mediaís 3G Palm Pre App Plans?
    Jennifer Martinez | Monday, June 15, 2009 | 3:36 PM PT |

    Sling Media is developing a version of its SlingPlayer application, which allows users to access TV content from their mobile phones, for the Palm Pre that would work on both on Wi-Fi and 3G. But Slingís hopes for 3G support could be dashed by the Preís mobile carrier, Sprint, which is currently locked in an agreement with privately held MobiTV to deliver mobile television content. Thatís a shame, because allowing SlingPlayer on Sprintís 3G network would help Palm gain more traction in the smartphone landscape ó and give the Pre an edge over the iPhone.

    AT&T, of course, opted against supporting the SlingPlayer app on its 3G network, which resulted in an outcry from iPhone users. Depending on what Sprint decides, itís a decision that could end up working heavily in Palmís favor.

    The timing of the applicationís launch on the Pre hasnít yet been determined, according to Sling Media. In an email, Sprint said it is ďnot in a position to offer a comment since [SlingPlayer] is not an application that we currently offer.Ē Palm also declined to comment about whether Sprint would support the application on 3G. According to a statement via email:

    The app catalog is currently in beta, with a small number of preview applications available. We arenít speculating on the future availability of any particular apps in the catalog and havenít published policies about the exact requirements for entry into the catalog. We do expect that with the capabilities of the webOS platform and the Mojo SDK that a wide variety of applications across all categories will be included in the catalog.

    Given how contentious the SlingPlayer issue has been for AT&T and iPhone users, Sprint and Palm may be playing it safe by not commenting on the upcoming application. However, SlingPlayer already uses the 3G network on other platforms such as RIMís BlackBerry, and the application has been available on Palmís Treo and Centro models for years. In the Preís uphill battle against the iPhone, SlingPlayer could be a bright spot for the new Palm smartphone.
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    Just say yes Sprint, just say YES.
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    i'd pay 30 for 3G and wifi
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    Sprint could use this as a major marketing advantage as a way of saying their 3G network is better than ATT's and they don't cripple apps like ATT (or VZW).
    I would love to see an ad of a Pre and an iPhone next to each other outdoors with the Pre showing live TV and the iPhone showing a message saying "You must use wifi to be able to use the Sling Player."
    I miss my Sling on my Treo as much as I love my Pre, it's not as good without it.
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    I just want Orb. That way I don't need to buy a slingbox. I already have a tuner in my desktop for cable
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    I don't care even if its not it will be hackked in a matter of days, it was hacked in 2 days for the iphone
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    If Sprint has an exclusive agreement with MobiTV, I don't see them breaking that agreement. They are currently involved in two lawsuits in the midwest with one of their service providers because their Nextel network competed with one of their affiliates (they were actually ordered by a judge to sell pieces of the network due to the agreement). I doubt they would make themselves vulnerable to more litigation...but who knows. Let's hope it gets hacked.
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    Here's what i don't understand. If you can sideload apps, how does Sprint even factor in what Sling does? Did they ask Sprint's approval before selling mobile apps on the old palm OS platform, BB, or WM?

    Obviously AT&T had a voice because the only way they get an iphone app out is to go through apple's app store.
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    Sprint tv is absolute crap.. To say its a 10 value as part of everything plans is very misleading,
    I need my slingplayer on 3g!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fbeaumont View Post
    Sprint tv is absolute crap.. To say its a 10 value as part of everything plans is very misleading,
    I need my slingplayer on 3g!!!!
    I'm with you on that. I don't think I've found more than dozen "full episode" selections on Sprint's included TV package. That makes it one big advertisement for additional charges.

    I'm waiting on a SlingPlayer client, and Sprint will definitely hear from this 6 year + customer if they do something to block it.
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    Aren't there already SlingPlayer apps for the Treos, Blackberrys, and WinMo phones? How is this any different?
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    Quote Originally Posted by exces6 View Post
    Aren't there already SlingPlayer apps for the Treos, Blackberrys, and WinMo phones? How is this any different?
    Personally, I don't really think it is. However, the current lack of an SDK - not for WebOS (which even that is not widely publicly avaiable yet) but for the Pre itself, could hold it back. I don't think Sprint could stop Sling, or anyone else, from releasing programs for the Pre; however, not giving them the SDK for the Pre could hamper them.

    I really think though, that the whole article is someone's attempt to generate interest. I think it's a non-event. I don't think Sprint is going to "encourage" a SlingBox client for the Pre, but I don't think their agreement with MobiTV will cause them to discourage it.
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    Just bumping this.
    Looks like the Iphone got slingplayer yesterday. I know this as a few buddies took the time to text me from there iphones to let me know.

    Would love to see someone get this going.
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    I believe it's been said that Sling will work with flash on WebOS when it is released. kinda like why re-invent the wheel and have to pay for the app, when the flash client is free.

    Even though this is what I've been waiting for... I hope flash will be released soon.....
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    Sprint should welcome them with open arms. They've got a pretty solid data network that should be able to handle it. At this point, Sprint needs every possible marketing advantage they can get.
    PS: I agree, Sprint TV is garbage.
    The Saint
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    June 15 2009..... Awhile ago yeah? Its a flash app now.... Does any of this article matter?
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    Sure am glad I received a Sling today as a gift. And what? It does not work on my Pre at this time UGGG!
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