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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonaward View Post
    I uninstalled Fandango as soon as Flixster arrived.
    See, I've got both installed, but for one reason only- Flixster's trailers look absolutely horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    See, I've got both installed, but for one reason only- Flixster's trailers look absolutely horrible.

    they do, but you can put the movie in your calendar. but it does put it in its own calendar and doesnt sync to google.

    fandango looks better, and they have a quick way to get to theaters. too many steps in flixter.

    i have both for now. but will probably get rid of fandango when needed.
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    These apps were deleted immediately after installation:

    LikeMe: worthless.
    Where: isn't worth whatever money they're going to charge for it. I'll just launch the web browser and go to yelp, thanks.
    mCraig: neutered, since you can't explore *all* of craigslist, nor can you post. I'll just go to, thanks.
    Shortcovers: Who can actually read a book this way?
    GoodFood: CLUNKY! I'll just launch the Web browser and go to Yelp, thanks.

    Applications I haven't deleted (and would likely pay money for if asked):

    New York Times
    AP mobile
    Pocket Mirror

    The rest are useless and/or redundant for me.
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    Classic. The trial expired before I had a chance to try it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fish199902 View Post
    I got rid of speed brain and fandango.

    You would think that since palm is being so restrictive with its sdk access program, that they would want to make sure they get -good- applications. I mean speed brain? How it that anthing that couldn't be done in a web page. Palm should get applications that really show what the platform can do
    Most of the things that can be done on the Pre can also be done on a web page. That's why they call it WebOS, it's apps are essentially web apps.
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    Shortcovers lasted about 20 minutes for me, even though I'm desperate for an ebook reader. The program only allows you to read books from them, and it basically streams the content one chapter at a time, never a complete file. Totally worthless on a plane, and youlre dependent on some fly-by-night startup to access a book youlve paid for, if you want to reread it sometime later.

    I paid for Classic instead, so I can have several REAL ebook readers while I wait for a native WebOS one. Shortcover is an epic fail, IMNSHO.
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    Speed Brain and evernote which i thought was just useless ...
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    GoodFood. It listed only a couple of restaurants in my area.
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    Speed Brain and Classic
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I tried to enjoy Speedbrain but it just made me mad at how boring it was, so that was the first to go. I still have Evernote, thinking that there must be something to it that I am missing. What does it do?

    I thought I read somewhere on this site that there's some hidden code in the OS where you can activate a Delete function (if you can access the commented-out code) to allow you to get rid of that bloatware NASCAR program?
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    I unistalled mobile by Citysearch. Where is better IMO. Classic may be next since I can't verify that they allowed spaces in the Hotsync I'd (trial expired before the updat).
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    Sudoku - frustrating!

    Evernote - huh?
    Speed Brain - Almost over it
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    First to go was Speed Brain. I've only installed a handful, and this one wore out its welcome after a couple days.

    Never tried to rid myself of Nascar. In fact, followed along with today's race using my Pre.
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    I had initially downloaded Fandango simply because its popularity causes it to show up on the main Apps page. However, for some reason, Fandango only lists 4 of the theaters in my vicinity, whereas Flixster shows 17 (yeah, there's a lot of movie theaters near me). For that reason, Fandango had to go.

    Flixster isn't perfect either, though. For some reason, on Fridays showtimes are never available for any of the 17 said theaters (has this happened to anyone, btw?). Which is the night I'm most likely in need of the app.

    I had downloaded Connect4, but between only having 10 games (stupid demo) and continually losing to the computer (damn diagonal!), I ended up erasing it.

    Sudoku is hard to use, but since I'm such a fan I've kept it... it's good for the 20-minute train commute I take every weekday. Speed Brain sucks, but it's not a terrible thing to have if you've got a minute to kill, especially with the current lack of games in the App Catalog. So those two I kept.

    Haven't found myself erasing too many apps because I'm rather selective about what I download in the first place. I just wish I could get rid of that stupid Nascar app. I'll never use it, and that icon is just an eyesore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twilightpix View Post
    It's funny that most are saying Speed Brain was the first to go.

    makes me REALLY want to see speedbrain haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    The first two I installed were LikeMe Mobile and Speed Brain. What's wrong with you????

    OK, I'm just kidding. Pandora was the first one I installed. Nascar was the first one I tried to install. Tried that before even installing anyting. Spaz was the only one I downloaded then uninstalled. I found Twead easier to use.
    I'm working pretty consistently to make improvements to Spaz, and I think we've worked out most of the performance issues. Currently sending out test builds that have URL shortening and message shortening built-in. If you feel like giving it another shot and have questions, bug us at out new support site: Welcome - Spaz Support
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    Tried to delete Nascar. That's all so far.
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    Deleted Nascar following these directions: pre dev wiki: Hide/Delete The NASCAR App
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    I uninstalled Connect 4 first so I could reinstall it to play 1 player.
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