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    I have an issue with a e-mail account that I have not seen posted. I can only download one e-mail at a time, and the only way I can get the next e-mail is to delete the message I just downloaded. Sometimes it takes up to three hours before I can get the next one.

    Now is a different division from the accounts that every one has had their own issues with. This account has worked fine on on my old treo's.

    It's a active account so it gets 10-15 e-mails and hour. Any suggestions?
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    I had a similar issue with my account. It only downloaded new email when it felt like it; maybe once or twice a day. I called Palm three times; the foreign tech support person was just quoting the manual and was lost. I finally called sprint and got a good conceptual empathetic American. He said Pre has been having issues with ATT/Yahoo accounts.The Pre configured my swbell/yahoo account to an imap incoming server with the name palm in it also. We deleted that account and put my usual incoming and outgoing server which should work for you too (if you haven't already done this). Try deleting your attgobal, and setting it up again. (If you can't find where to set up a new one let me know. . .not looking at my phone right now). For incoming server: For outgoing: Put ssl encryption on both incoming and outgoing, and check "requires authentication" on outgoing. Mine has been downloading regularly since then, but for a while when opening the mail, I would get a "downloading text" activity circle that would time out. When emptied my online box, that issue ceased. Hope this is some help.

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