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    Every once in a while Google is producing a search result configured in Spanish, which is pretty annoying. I have to go through preferences and set it back to English and go back to the search page.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Yes. French for me.

    I actually just either reload the screen or jump to a fresh card. Changing the setting was becoming to much work.

    Seems other weird stuff has been happening to me.. Such as web page code instead of site. Sometimes when I'm adding a feed to google read through some webpages rss button I get screens of webpage code. Again, I load a new page and waalaa. I must be hitting the screen to much or something....
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    Ugh! Mine did that too. I was lucky enough to get both Spanish and French (not at the same time). It took me forever. I finally reset the phone and it hasn't done it since.
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    experienced same issue. Have seen spanish, french and today chinese or japanese search results. really annoying. Have experienced it multiple times now, and have tried resetting (partial and full), removing the browser history/cache etc. Seems to very random...
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    saw Spanish search results today. Not sure if this is related, but I installed a theme for the first time this afternoon...
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    This has happened to me periodically, from the day I got my Pre.
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    this started happening to me today,all my search results are showing up in google spanish. What's up with that?

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